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Oxford Reading Buddy impact study

Impact study evaluation findings on early trial versions of the Oxford Reading Buddy Coaching eBooks

Oxford Reading Buddy is an exciting new digital reading service that provides every child with a virtual reading coach to support their reading journey and motivate them to succeed. It also offers teachers valuable insights into their pupils’ attainment and development. A key element of the service are the Coaching eBooks that are accompanied by a personalized ‘Reading Buddy’ who models key comprehension strategies and asks questions in order to probe their understanding and give tailored feedback.

Feeding into the development of the Oxford Reading Buddy service

By undertaking an impact study during development we were able to evaluate the potential impact of the prototype (early trial versions) Coaching eBooks that would form part of the Oxford Reading Buddy service and identify improvements that could be made during the product development process.

A number of improvements were identified, such as improving the student interface, and subsequent enhancements were made to ensure that the eBooks in the final service deliver the most positive outcomes to educators and learners from day one.

The impact study

The study was run by researchers from Southampton Education School, University of Southampton, who carried out a Randomized Controlled Trial that followed 322 Year 1 and Year 5 pupils for one school term with some very positive results.

Read the full report below.

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Oxford Impact study report

On early trial versions of the Oxford Reading Buddy Coaching eBooks.

Oxford Reading Buddy

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Highlighting key findings from the Oxford Reading Buddy impact study.

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