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How do I know which products and services have been evaluated?

Ensuring that Oxford University Press’s educational products and services meet the high quality standards that you expect

Look for the badge

Whenever you see the ‘Oxford Impact Evaluated’ badge, you can be confident that those educational products and services have been rigorously evaluated using the Oxford Impact Framework to meet the high quality standards that you have come to expect from us.

By carefully evaluating the impact of our educational products and services, we are able to provide you with the evidence-based information you need to make the right choice.

Oxford Impact Evalutated

Discover more

You will see us sharing findings from impact studies on our evaluated products and services in the form of key findings, statements and testimonials through a wide range of marketing channels such as our educational products and services website, catalogues and social media.

Read our impact study summary reports

Here are some links to summary reports available for you to download, read at your leisure and share with other colleagues.They include information around how the impact study was undertaken along with the key evaluation findings.

OUP product/service

Impact study objective

Link to the summary report

Complete Companions for AQA Psychology           

To gain an in-depth understanding of whether teachers and students find that The Complete Companions has a positive impact on students’ exam performance.

English File    

To understand how teachers feel that English File has helped improve students’ English speaking skills.


To find out how teachers and Heads of Geography perceived the impact of geog.123 on preparedness for the demands of GCSE Geography.


To discover how teachers feel that the Headway series has delivered the learning outcomes to support students to move to the next level of study.

KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes

To understand how teachers and Heads of History perceived KS3 History by Aaron Wilkes Third Edition had impacted both student motivation and preparedness for study at GCSE.


To find out in more detail to what extent MyMaths saves teachers time in Primary and Secondary schools in England.


To gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers were using Numicon and how they perceived its impact on children’s mathematical learning.

Oxford Discover

To find out if Oxford Discover was perceived to improve student engagement and participation in the Primary classroom through its inquiry-based learning approach and 21st Century Skills methodology.


To discover if teachers believe that using Solutions helps students to improve the skills and strategies they need to achieve exam success.

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Oxford Impact

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Our approach

Learn more about Oxford Impact and OUP’s approach to evaluating impact.

Oxford Impact leaflet

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