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Wellbeing impact study

Impact study: The impact of promoting student wellbeing on student academic and non-academic outcomes: An analysis of the evidence

In recent years, policymakers and practitioners have increasingly focused their attention on the importance of student wellbeing.

About the impact study

This impact study draws on research conducted in a wide range of countries and published over the last 10 years, to better understand any potential links between wellbeing and academic attainment as well as other educational outcomes. In particular, it focuses on the effects of whole-school approaches to promoting wellbeing on both academic and non-academic outcomes.

The impact study was conducted by Dr. Ariel Lindorff, Departmental Lecturer in Research Methods, Department of Education, University of Oxford.

Key findings

The impact study found that there is:

  • convincing evidence of a relationship between wellbeing and academic attainment.
  • robust evidence that wellbeing is also associated with a variety of additional educational outcomes including engagement and experiences of transitions between primary and secondary school.
  • strong international evidence to support the claim that ‘whole-school approaches’ to promoting wellbeing can have an effect on acade­mic attainment and have positive effects on a wide range of other educational outcomes, including mental health, self-esteem, self-efficacy, motivation, behaviour, and decreased probability of dropout.
  • further evidence needed from studies over longer periods of time to improve understandings of the effects of promoting student wellbeing on educational outcomes.

Read the full report below.

Find out more

Key Findings

Video by Dr. Ariel Lindorff, Department of Education, University of Oxford highlighting the key findings.

Impact Study Summary Report

Showcasing the key findings from the wellbeing impact study.


A useful infographic highlighting some of the key findings from the impact study.

Student Wellbeing White Paper

Summary of the evidence along with recommendations for successfully implementing a whole school approach to wellbeing.

Impact Study Full Report

A detailed report containing all of the evidence analysis impact study research findings.

Oxford International Curriculum

Find out more about the Oxford International Curriculum which includes a focus on Wellbeing.

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